Lakeland, Florida, is a growing cosmopolitan city with a population of 99,999, according to the 2012 report produced by the United States Census Bureau. Among the residents are homeowners who need tree service to maintain well-cared for landscaped homes. Visitors come to walk through the orange groves, which the city is known for. Tree care services are also in demand to keep the city beautiful and increase the economy of the state via tourism.

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tree-service-lakeland-flThe trees in Lakeland, FL, surround eight lakes, according to the University of Florida. The combination of plants and water provide for boating activities. The natural beauty creates habitats for fish, cleaner air, and shade for picnics. Tree service professionals need to keep an eye on the forested trees to ascertain if the tree is sick, infested or hazardous, which means it has a target of a person or property.

Offered Services

Tree care health is one of the most common services offered by tree service professionals. An arborist will evaluate trees for disease, pests and death. Although the tree doctor will try to save the tree, Lakeland tree removal may be necessary. Left behind is a stump that takes away from the aesthetic appeal of the lawn. Many homeowners elect stump grinding services to remove the stump. Arborists may also want to remove the stump so fungus and decay do not spread to other trees in the yard.

Tree pruning in Lakeland is an activity homeowners can do themselves. Residents should be warned that they may be hanging 30 feet up among the branches of the tree. If you are afraid of heights, don’t have the time to devote to the process, or want a tree risk assessment consultation, our office will be happy to help, giving you all the information you need about which trees need pruning and which need other necessary treatments.

Job Hazards

lakeland-fl-tree-serviceThe tree service business has many risks associated with the job. From 1992 to 2007 1,285 deaths were linked to this field, according to the Center for Disease Control. The average deaths per year was 80 workers of which 99% were males. Workers are in danger of falls and electrocution. Falling trees and branches add to the hazardous nature of the job.

Orange Trees

Within the urban forest are groves of orange trees. If planting a new orange tree, viable fruit will not be produced until eight to ten years after planting, according to Harvey’s Groves. To care for orange trees, homeowners must add a citrus fertilizer. Ask your arborist for the best way to plant and care for your particular orange tree.

Pruning is usually unnecessary for orange trees, according to Harvey’s Groves. Sunlight is the most important factor in the care and health of these fruit-bearing trees. Tree care professionals can determine how much water your orange tree needs based on age and location. Although growing an orange tree requires time, biting into a juicy orange is the fruits of labor.

We service the city and surrounding areas, including 33801, 33803, 33805, 33809, 33810, 3381, 33812, 33813 and 33815.

No tree is too difficult for our Lakeland, Florida, office. We evaluate hazard ratings while improving the health of your tree. We prune and grind to make your part of the urban forest as beautiful as possible. Contact our office today for a consultation and evaluation of all tree services.